Stamping is a highly efficient and material-conserving processing method suitable for large-scale part production. It facilitates mechanization and automation, resulting in high production efficiency. Stamped parts generally do not require additional machining and exhibit high dimensional accuracy.

Stamping processes maintain stability, enabling the interchangeable use of the same batch of stamped parts without compromising assembly and product performance. Stamping processes can yield parts with high strength, substantial stiffness, and a lightweight profile. Additionally, stamping can fabricate intricate-shaped parts that prove challenging to manufacture using other metal processing methods.

 As a professional connector manufacturing company, Alinta has introduced high-speed precision automated stamping equipment for the production of connector terminals and related components, significantly improving production efficiency and product quality.


Injection Molding

Injection molding equipment, known for its efficiency and precision, is widely used in connector production. 

Insulation Component Molding:  Insulation parts in connectors are often made from strong plastics like polypropylene. Injection molding ensures precise control for connector precision and quality.Metal Injection Molding:  Some connectors have metal parts, which can be made using metal injection molding (MIM) with materials like copper or aluminum. Injection molding manages metal temperatures to prevent issues. 

Automation:  Injection molding equipment is integrated with robots or automated lines, automating manufacturing for improved efficiency and quality.

Process Flexibility:  Injection molding adapts easily, shortening production cycles, enhancing product quality, and improving cost-effectiveness in connector manufacturing.




SMT Workshop

Alinta's SMT workshop is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery, including advanced pick-and-place machines, solder paste printers, reflow ovens, and automated optical inspection (AOI) systems. Make sure the impeccable assembly of electronic components onto PCBs with unmatched accuracy and repeatability.


Automatic Workshop

Automatic equipment for connector production includes feeding system, assembly system, inspection and testing equipment.

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