Basic functional requirements for connectors in industrial environments4

Considering that there may be many unfavorable factors in the application environment of industrial connectors, in order to meet the application requirements, industrial connectors must have reliable features and functions. Here lists eight basic functional requirements that works in industrial environments

1.Industrial connectors should be easy to plug and unplug, and their mating force must be low enough to meet application requirements. But the pull-out force should not be so low that it is prone to loosening under the elements of shock and vibration, which may require some kind of mechanical assistance built into the connector housing

2.Regardless of the temperature of the application environment, industrial connectors must maintain contact force, which requires the connector to have good stress relaxation resistance and maintain good performance at high temperatures.

3.Industrial connectors need to withstand high mating cycles and misalignment, which requires electrical contacts to have high strength and reliability.

Industrial connectors must comply with EMC standards, because the proliferation of electronic devices and wireless signals provides more opportunities for electromagnetism, and connectors must be properly grounded, shielded or bonded to prevent external noise instead of becoming a noise source itself.

5.Industrial connectors may need to be designed for miniaturization and increased circuit density. As individual contacts must be made smaller, connectors need to be made of metals with higher conductivity to handle the increased current density. High robustness to withstand the stresses required for contact forces; better formability to fit into smaller spaces; higher durability and resistance to stress relaxation to ensure good electrical contact throughout the life of the connector.

6.Industrial connectors may need to provide mixed functionality, including a mix of signal and power, copper and fiber optics, or some combination of electrical/hydraulic/pneumatic.

7.Industrial connector housings may require alignment features such as built-in keys to protect pins and sockets.

8.Industrial connectors also need to provide sealing, ingress protection or even hermeticity, depending on the severity of the environment and the liquids, gases, particles or chemicals found in it.

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